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Liberalization of markets and penetration of renewables have led to changes in conventional network design and operation strategies, nowadays our customers are facing the following challenges:

  • Project Developers: Design and choose the right plant configuration.

  • Project Operator: Reduce OPEX and increase electricity yield.

  • OEMs and Suppliers: Understand demanded Key Performance Indicators.

  • ​TSOs and Policy Makers: Electricity market scenario analysis.

Our solution

In order to address their existing challenges, we provide our clients with customized solutions based on:

  • Detailed techno-economic feasibility analysis of power plants encompassing technical configurations and operations that enhance profitability under location specific market boundary conditions.
  • Optimized operating strategies for existing power plants by following electricity market requirements  and incentives whilst allowing for determining the best compromise between production and maintenance.
  • Technology evaluation for power plant economic enhancements through power plant component design, performance model development and economic evaluation.